So he try to flame me, mwahaha

So, it’s my time to be flamed by people who I had argues with long time ago, it seemed that they can’t just let it go, their hearts & souls are so dark that it blinded their vision… well, whatever.

It doesn’t really bother me in anyway, I can still track those f***ers down, they are not that much, and each one of them got a special watermark that tells me exactly who s/he is. Goodluck trying to hide your sorry ass.

Someone added on sultan’s blog a comment using my name “Xacker” on the reason why I downgraded my position in arabteam2000 forums from an admin and a moderator on the assembly language section to just an expert in the forum, “he” also said that I was stunned by the way things work inside the moderators section and named one of the very good people in the administration saying lies about him.

Seriously man, do you really think I don’t know your identity? it’s pretty lame trying that on me, PRETTY MUCH.

lmfao @ you

6 Responses to “So he try to flame me, mwahaha”

  1. The problem that he thought that he is smarter but he is not, the other thing that he don`t know that the team (us) is working like before and no thing changed 😀

    BadLuck soso.. see you next round 😛

  2. To know what people really think, pay regard to what they do, rather than what they say.

  3. That`s true dear brother.

  4. lak dude u seem so mad! lol I guess that’s your syrian “hot blood” as you say it
    الدم الحامي السوري
    heheh ..

  5. do I? 😀

  6. well, i gess that someone does not like you, duh so what!!!!, so long 😉

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