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[CODE] Pimp your posts [/CODE]

Posted in General on November 5, 2008 by Xacker

Tired of having to edit your posts manually to add highlighting effects to your code published on blogs?
well I had my share and I can say out of personal experience it’s unpleasant 😦

The solution was too close to believe, Notepad++ (thanks to Omar Eladel for pointing that 😉 out), by simply using it with a plug-in called NppExport you can export your code in HTML format 🙂

Don’t forget to use the proper language for syntax.

p.s: you will have to make some small adjustments to your code on blogs, since they don’t allow customized CSS implementation, replace the class property inside each span tag with the proper style value.

p.s: edit stylers.model.xml for customized styles for your favorite language, you can do that through /settings/styler configurator menu, it will be eventually saved and loaded from C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Notepad++.

p.s: edit langs.model.xml and langs.xml for customized instructions and/or operators alike. (never tested that)

Enjoy this tune 🙂