No more Arabic text

Sorry guys but I have decided not to publish anything in Arabic unless it was some small text with no extensive formatting required, I have noticed that the look of my blog went buggy on both IE and FF not to mention that any edit to any arabic post will lead into aftermath disasters.

Thus I declare the Keylogger topic is suspended until revised again.

If you need a shoulder now I know just the right guy for that, Nour, go get him πŸ˜›

3 Responses to “No more Arabic text”

  1. duh, we all know that arabic language is very difficult to use while the world is using english. that’s why google translator exist, πŸ˜‰ heh

  2. They are giving me hard times on “WHY DONT YOU WRITE IN ARABIC DUDE”
    I kinda feel that lack of interaction with my blog is because of this… which is cool with me πŸ˜›

  3. no good dud 😦

    btw , it seems that you’r turning ‘networks’

    hey , have you retired from RE ?

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