Corrupted no more

Previously posted a topic asking for help on Arabteam2000 forums on some corrupted hard drive partition that went crazy on me and started displaying nonsense for file names and folders in it but got no response.

The problem occurred when I was trying to restore a ghost image to one of my other PCs when suddenly the external HDD stopped working with the blue activity led in front blinking in one half. The only way to get the HDD to work again was to unplug its power cord then plug it in again, it happened several times, and I’ve done it a lot before.

This time was different, after I successfully restored the image from the corrupted partition (before it got corrupted) I noticed the corruption in the file system table, “Oh damn!” I said, but nothing I did restored the files, I tried using several applications, i.e GetDataBack, Recover My Files, Nucleus Kernel for FAT & NTFS and testdisk.

Before my hopes fade away I went to try one crazy idea, an idea that worked!

I tried to search some files by their names that I could remember, I tried “his flash” folder, one thing I remember I stored in that partition, the search result showed the folder name in that partition, I copied it from there and it was successful, I was in a state of shock! I simply used GetDataBack to look up the file names and folders that I couldn’t remember, then I started searching for them and I managed to restore all partition content, 20gigs of data 🙂

I can not explain how is that possible, I knew the data were still intact because I stopped using that partition, actually I stopped using all the external HDD for the sake of not affecting the “looking” corrupted data, I knew it’s only the file system table that was damaged but how come the OS shows a corrupted name and still able to look it up simply by searching for it, this I don’t understand, if you have any related info. on this matter let me know, for the time being, let’s celebrate 😀


3 Responses to “Corrupted no more”

  1. Assalamo 3alykom,
    and you can’t Abandoned on “hug a Developer” :d

    hope you’re fine and well


  2. see what brothers can do?

  3. ya ya I saw, keep it between me and you 😛


    welcome brother merouane 🙂

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