Turn your Gmail account into your backup drive!

You must have heard about Google’s project to provide storage services to users all around the world through its different and wide services, Google as promised launched this service back in 2007 with various storage plans starting with 6GB for $20 per year up to 250GB for $500 per year.

Basic storage doesn’t involve any of the described plans and is mostly for Gmail only, you can check your Gmail storage at the Google Shared Storage.

An interesting to note now is that Google’s Storage plans have changed alot since the release to provide:

10 GB ($20.00 USD per year)
40 GB ($75.00 USD per year)
150 GB ($250.00 USD per year)
400 GB ($500.00 USD per year)

figure shows old storage plan after subscription

Oh well… that’s yet not enough 😛    don’t worry, because Google’s plan is to provide unlimited shared storage service as been mentioned in an article by Greg Linden.

Wait no more, because you can (at least for the time being) save all your favorite and important files right into your mail using Gmail Drive Windows Shell Extension by Bjarke Viksoe.

Installing it is easy and once you are done you are welcomed with a nice drive icon 🙂


from there it’s easy to login to your Gmail account and upload any file that you want.

You can use the “Send to” menu to send your files directly to your GMail account

which is just perfect for large numbers of files 🙂

posting a file to your Gmail account

Please note that all files that you upload are sent as mail to your Gmail account with the files you have uploaded as attachments so it’s advised to create a filter for such emails to be labeled with a special label

If you experience any problem accessing your GMail Drive make sure that you are not forcing Gmail to use HTTPS always, sometimes it doesn’t work this way even if you check the corresponding checkbox that says “Use Secure HTTP”.

You can obtain GDrive windows shell extension at the following links (or at the main author website in case they change):


GMail Drive v1.0.13 – download site #1 (Softpedia)

GMail Drive v1.0.13 – download site #2 (Betanews)

Gspace is an add-on to Firefox internet browser which allows you to do sort of the same thing that you do with GMail Drive from within your browser, since it’s an add-on for FF, it will work under any system that supports Firefox 🙂

you can obtain the add-on from Mozilla’s website at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1593

* Thanks to محمد سمير for suggesting the use of Gspace here

* Thanks to Hosam Al-ali for pointing out GMail Drive while he was trying to convience me into using Gmail for good

9 Responses to “Turn your Gmail account into your backup drive!”


  2. hi

    nice topic i was needed ;
    thanks XaCKeR


  3. TheNapsterBoy Says:

    mmm, gess that i’m gonna upload every stupid file that i have in it :d
    at least google guys w’ont be able to finc something useful 😉

  4. Muhammad Samir Says:

    Beautiful post, thanx Xacker.
    and thanx for mentioning GSpace in the post.

  5. Rosy Rose Says:

    Nice blog!
    contains nice posts as well…

    Best Wishes…

  6. Thanks for the support guys 🙂

  7. X this is a great post, realy helped me out with my important scattered files on desktop 😀

  8. thanx alot my man. I do need this kinda storage.. and i really trust in gmail.

  9. good Gmail

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