You can obfuscate “XACKER” to stdout using different programming languages but .. it would still be recognizable don’t you think?

How about obfuscating it with Perl?


that’s it, I’m ‘con‘fuscated now 😮

Of course this is not the first time to be done.. I don’t mean obfuscating “XACKER” 😀 no, I mean obfuscation with Perl.. there has been since Perl existed alot of obfuscation contests, something like this, which prints “just another perl hacker”

$_ = "wftedskaebjgdpjgidbsmnjgc";
tr/a-z/oh, turtleneck Phrase Jar!/; print;

Simple? OK how about this (I swear it prints “just another perl hacker” !)

not exp log srand xor s qq qx xor
s x x length uc ord and print chr
ord for qw q join use sub tied qx
xor eval xor print qq q q xor int
eval lc q m cos and print chr ord
for qw y abs ne open tied hex exp
ref y m xor scalar srand print qq
q q xor int eval lc qq y sqrt cos
and print chr ord for qw x printf
each return local x y or print qq
s s and eval q s undef or oct xor
time xor ref print chr int ord lc
foreach qw y hex alarm chdir kill
exec return y s gt sin sort split

You still think it’s simple? try the ultimate JAPH:

                                            sub j(\$){($
              P,$V)=                      @_;while($$P=~s:^
          ([()])::x){                    $V+=(‘(‘eq$1)?-32:31
    }$V+=ord(  substr(                 $$P,0,1,””))-74} sub a{
   my($I,$K,$  J,$L)=@_               ;$I=int($I*$M/$Z);$K=int(
  $K*$M/$Z);$J=int($J*$M             /$Z);$L=int($L*$M/$Z); $G=$
  J-$I;$F=$L-$K;$E=(abs($          G)>=abs($F))?$G:$F;($E<0) and($
   I,$K)=($J,$L);$E||=.01       ;for($i=0;$i< =abs$E;$i++ ){ $D->{$K
           +int($i*$F/$E)      }->{$I+int($i*$G/$E)}=1}}sub p{$D={};$
          Z=$z||.01;map{    $H=$_;$I=$N=j$H;$K=$O=j$H;while($H){$q=ord
         substr($H,0,1,”” );if(42==$q){$J=j$H;$L=j$H}else{$q-=43;$L =$q
       %9;$J=($q-$L)/9;$L=$q-9*$J-4;$J-=4}$J+=$I;$L+=$K;a($I,$K,$J,$ L);
       ($I,$K)=($J,$L)}a($I,$K,$N,$O)}@_;my$T;map{$y=$_;map{ $T.=$D->{$y}
       ->{$_}?$\:’ ‘}(-59..59);$T.=”\n”}(-23..23);print”\e[H$T”}$w= eval{
       require Win32::Console::ANSI};$b=$w?’1;7;’:””;($j,$u,$s,$t,$a,$n,$o
            ‘QIAKJR}*JV]wRAI*J?}T]*RJcJI[\]3;U]Uq*PM[wV]W]WCT*DM*SJ’.  ‘ZP[Z’.
               ‘PZa[\]UKVgogK9K*QJ[\]n[RI@*EH@IddR[Q[]T]T]T3o[dk*JE’.  ‘[Z\U’.
                 ‘{T]*JPKTKK]*OJ[QIO[PIQIO[[gUKU\k*JE+J+J5R5AI*EJ00’.  ‘BCB*’.
                      ‘DMKKJIR[Q+*EJ0*EK’;sub h{$\ = qw(% & @ x)[int    rand
                       4];map{printf  “\e[$b;%dm”,int(rand 6)+101-60*   ($w
                        ||0);system(  “cls”)if$w ;($A,$S)=    ($_[1],   $
                         _[0]);($M,   @,)= split  ‘}’;for(     $z=256
                         ;$z>0; $z   -=$S){$S*=   $A;p @,}      sleep$_
                         [2];while   ($_[3]&&($    z+=$ S)       <=256){                          p@,}}("".   "32}7D$j"     ."}AG".       "$u}OG"                          ."$s}WG"    ."$t",""      ."24}("        ."IJ$a"                          ."}1G$n"    ."}CO$o"     ."}GG$t"        ."}QC"                           ."$h}"      ."^G$e"    ."})IG"          ."$r",                           "32}?"       ."H$p}FG$e}QG$r".          "}ZC"                           ."$l",          "28}(LC" .""            ."".                           "$h}:"           ."J$a}EG".             "$c"                           ."}M"             ."C$k}ZG".            "$e"                           ."}"             ."dG$r","18"          ."}("                          ."D;"            ."$C"  )}{h(16         ,1,1,0                         );h(8,          .98,0,0   );h(16         ,1,1,1)                         ;h(8.0         ,0.98,0,     1);         redo}###                       #written                                 060204 by                     #liverpole                                  @@@@@@@                  #@@@@@@@@@@@ [/sourcecode]

4 Responses to “Obfuscation”

  1. Assalam 3alaikom

    i had wrote a comment here .. what happend

    never mind .. i rewriting it 🙂

    nice and i wait for “perl jokes” from “Xacker”


  2. it wasn’t me, just like Shaggy says 😛

  3. TheNapsterBoy Says:

    wassup dude!!
    come on.. 😦 had a greate trouble to understand the first code -_-
    seems to me that you are getting darker every day..
    go see a doctor :@

    nice post dude still trying to understand… good start in perl 🙂

  4. How about some more ‘applicable’ & useful samples for most of developers?

    go on,,,

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