A white peacock!

Amazing creature!

Even some cultures believe it brings good luck!

I need lots of goodluck this year, I hope this post helps 😛

14 Responses to “A white peacock!”

  1. Fantastic!!
    unique indeed!!
    I’ve some information…

    The peacock (the male) is the only one which exclusively has been designed this way!!, given an attractive and a beautiful bunch of feathers.

    But the peahen (the female) doesn’t… and perhaps she cannot make any showing to capture it/him–her cock-friend.

    Naturally it looks like a handsome boy with arms outstretched towards a pretty girl with a melted heart.
    Sorry it’s a love story…

  2. Rosy Rose Says:

    oops Sorry!

    I forgot to say “good luck”!
    not only for this year but FOR EVER…

  3. Thanks, wishing you the same too!

  4. Rosy Rose Says:

    No way because I’m not lucky at all!
    But my parents, friends, cousins do think that I’m lucky!

    They don’t know what the luck is. Yes, sorry Pa,Ma, friends …
    “You do not know what the luck is”

    Sorry again, I know that I am really a talkative girl but not a lucky at all.
    And I admit so I am :happy:

    hhhhhh I know that you would say “So get a peacock” lolllll
    no I cannot, I’ve a pretty cat (GG = Good Girl), and she is UNLUCKY too…
    We are a couple of happy unlucky sisters.

  5. طاووس Says:

    حي الله السعيده وصاحبة الحظ السيء الورده الحمراء
    سؤال اذا تكرمتي
    ماهو الحظ من خلال مفهومك الخاص اذا؟
    وماهي العلاقة بينك و بين جيجي فيما يتعلق بالحظ؟

  6. طاووس Says:

    سيدتي الصغيره روزي روز
    لن تصلني اية اجابه يا بنت الاكابر
    ولكنني اعرف الحظ جيدا
    وهو ليس ان يلتقي الشخص بورده فواحه محاطه ومدججه بالاشواك
    يوما ما ستذبل ولن ينظر إليها احد

    شكرا لاتاحة هذه الفرصه اخ اكس واتمنى لك حظ اجمل من هذا الحظ

  7. Due to improper respond some posts have been set to ‘pending’ waiting for.. well, nothing really, they are just going to be waiting there.

    I would like to send a message to all my blog visitors that this is not the right place for flaming, of course, only me can flame 😛

    so if you had something to say to someone, say it in private, somewhere away from here because I will not be tolerable with anyone who flames through my blog, whatsoever.

    Thanks and keep on rocking.

  8. Rose Rosy Says:

    I remember that you love the colourful images.


    I’ve uploaded it from my folders…

    It’s a painting. It’s so beautiful, similar to the peacock feathers whose colours are self-illuminated decorated with veins.

    I am thankful X…

  9. Thanks for the paint, true, I still love colors so much, though I’m into something more like this:

    I find this for example, http://aysima.deviantart.com/art/Color-86289510
    a great deviant art!

  10. Rose Rosy Says:

    Yes it is!
    thanks for the link, It is added to my favourite…

    The drawing is one of my hobbies, particularly drawing with pencils. Yes of course, the graphite and the coloured pencils.

    Here you are, two links form my favourite:


    Wow, magic and more realistic, you may check the galleries and the categories respectively.


  11. Rose Rosy Says:

    Hi there…

    This is, what you may like!
    A deviant paint…
    I’ve found it among the others when I’ve been browsing my folders this morning…

    And this, it’s an imaginary map which describes the inverse world. That is, when the seas and oceans become inversely the land and vice versa.

    Be fine…

  12. Aha, explains why I’m all flooding right now… a website xD

  13. Rose Rosy Says:

    لا تعتل هم,, عاملة حساب لهيك اشيا…
    Rosy 911

  14. Yeah?

    give it to the website administrator then xD

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