Protect your freedom of speech over MSN msgr

If you are worried that someone picks up your conversation over MSN, and interpret it in the wrong way against you (:P) then be no more.

ChatX is a script for Messenger Plus that encrypts/encodes your conversations both ways (if your contact is using it too) before your message is sent.

The encryption contains the following symmetric algorithms (definition for dummies: “Shared password is used, used to encrypt/decrypt the message”):

AES (128, 192, 256 bits), DES, Okto3, Zara, Ezip

The encoding contains the following encoding schemes:

Binary, Hexadecimal, Feron, Reverse, Base64

What is nice about ChatX is that you can still read your message in plaintext in the chat window, when it is *actually* being sent encrypted/encoded to your contact.

Here is a screenshot of an MSN conversation sniffer before ChatX is used:

Plaintext conversation is captured

and here it is after:

Encrypted conversation is captured

Download ChatX – Download Messenger Plus for MSN Messenger

~ Xacker

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