Salute to the Syrian Cyber Army

Despite the fact that we disagree in a lot of prospects regarding the bureaucratic and murderer regime in Syria, however I send out my salutes to the Syrian Cyber Army for hacking Abdul Halim Khaddam website (, because the Syrians are well aware of who is Khaddam and what kind of a corrupted man he was when he used to be Syria Prime Minister.

Abdul Halim Khaddam is just another man seeking power in Syria, by trying to feed the people of Syria with his bullshit regarding the corruption of the Syrian regime.. A note to you peace of sh!t, go f**k your self you and Rifa’at because the Syrian people (oh and Palestinian people in Syria) will never forget your real face and what kind of half a man you really are.

Once again, Salute to the SCA… now let’s get back to business 🙂

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