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Microsoft Press Books of the Month

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I will fix the links of the previous books on my blog soon 🙂

SSL broken!

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Hackers create rogue CA certificate using MD5 collisions!

Using computing power from a cluster of 200 PS3 game consoles and about $700 in test digital certificates, a group of hackers in the U.S. and Europe have found a way to target a known weakness in the MD5 algorithm to create a rogue Certification Authority (CA), a breakthrough that allows the forging of certificates that are fully trusted by all modern Web browsers.

The research, which will be presented today by Alex Sotirov (top left) and Jacob Appelbaum (bottom left) at the 25C3 conference in Germany, effectively defeats the way modern Web browsers trust secure Web sites and provides a way for attackers to conduct phishing attacks that are virtually undetectable.

The research is significant because there are at least six CAs currently using the weak MD5 cryptographic algorithm in digital signatures and certificates.  The most commonly used Web browsers — including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox — whitelist these CAs, meaning that a fake Certificate Authority can display any site as secure (with the SSL padlock).

We basically broke SSL,” Sotirov said in an interview ahead of his 25C3 presentation.

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TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows

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This online book describes the fundamentals of TCP/IP in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.
Download it.

Understanding IPv6

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In the 25th anniversary of Microsoft Press, a free ebook each month is free for download 🙂

Two months ago it released a free copy of the book “Understanding IPv6” by “Joseph Davies”

Click the image to go to download page:

TCP/IP Suite

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Encapsulation and De-encapsulation of packets

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This tutorial has been written solely in Arabic, ofcourse, not on WordPress or I would have commited suicide, I hope this helps you more get to taste the sweet flavour of networks, I’m done with you ignoring my other network articles (mad)



The OSI Reference Model

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The OSI Reference Model:
The early development of networks was chaotic in many ways. The early 1980s saw tremendous increases in the number and sizes of networks. As companies realized that they could save money and gain productivity by using networking technology, they added networks and expanded existing networks as rapidly as new network technologies and products were introduced.

By the mid 1980s, companies began to experience difficulties from all of the expansions they had made. It became more difficult for networks using different specifications and implementations to communicate with one another. The companies realized that they needed to move away from proprietary networking systems—those systems that are privately developed, owned and controlled. In a computer industry, “proprietary” is the opposite of “open“.

Proprietary means that one company or a small group of companies controls all use of the technology. Open means that use of the technology is available free to the public.

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