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Fusion crew.. long time no see!

Posted in Reverse Engineering with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 26, 2010 by Xacker

Fusion crew.. long time no see!

I was like :-O when I was searching for something on Google and my eyes caught the keywords “Fusion… Xacker….”

Fusion was the first software cracking crews I’ve been to back in 2004.

The crew members were: fornix (founder), Blue_Orka (co-founder),  yours truly “me” (member), Asteroid M (member, eVe (member), jb700 (member), shakras (member) and last zyzygy (member)

I’m not sure how did that happen.. I mean, our original website was hosted on CJB.NET and I can’t remember any broke-in domain!?

Anyway I’m so glad that a mirror of the website has lived all these years, the coolest part is that all the links are working just fine!

Check it out:


* this time I’m taking a damn back up because I’ve lost ’em all! *